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Gordon Brown lives in Scotland but splits his time between the UK and Spain. He's married with two children. In a former life Gordon delivered pizzas in Toronto, sold non alcoholic beer in the Middle East, launched a creativity training business and floated a high tech company on the London Stock Exchange. He is a DJ on local radio, was once booed by 49,000 people while on the pitch at a major football Cup Final and helped found Bloody Scotland – Scotland's International Crime Writing Festival.

Gordon has been writing since his teens and has five books published to date. In 2017 Gordon has two novels, Darkest Thoughts and Furthest Reaches (the first two in the Craig McIntyre series), being published in the UK by Strident Publishing - with a third ‘Deepest Wounds’ out in 2018. In the U.S, 'Falling Too' (second in the Charlie Wiggs series), will be published this year by Down & Out Books. 

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